Global Perspectives | Bericht | 27. März 2020

Prof. Dr. Karl Lauterbach: “This is a one world enterprise.”

GP Video Interview on global responsibility in times of COVID-19

GP Video Interview on Global Responsibility in Times of COVID-19

In a video interview with Global Perspectives Initiative on 27 March, Prof. Dr Karl Lauterbach, Professor for health economics and clinical epidemiology and SPD health expert at the German Bundestag, explains what it needs to defeat a global pandemic like COVID-19 and why it is so crucial that all countries work together grand-scale.

His main arguments:

  • The world has not been very well prepared for such a quick global spread of the virus. Industrial countries lack equipment and health workers, developing countries face a lack of personal and financially resilient health systems to absorb a worsening of the crisis.
“It will not be possible to defeat this pandemic without all countries
working together grand-scale.”
  • Economic turmoil will happen. Industrial countries need to support those who will otherwise face financial state crises that would require many years to heal.
  • Some European countries will face major economic struggles. Europe has two tasks: Standing together and preventing the continent from falling apart, and being a global leader in assisting other continents who urgently need our help.
  • Germany needs to help those whose needs are bigger than our own. We can only manage this crisis together, rationally and compassionately, and refrain from mutual accusations that would lead to another wave of populist regimes and ethnocentrism.
„This is a one world enterprise, in environmental but also
in pandemic issues.”

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