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The Global Perspective Initiative is a platform of continuous exchange. We strongly invite you to get in touch and look forward to your suggestions. Please use the online contact form or directly approach the respective project manager. More detailed information is available on this website under publications or events.

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    Global Perspectives Initiative
    Friedrichstraße 217
    10969 Berlin
    +49 (0) 30 55 57 80 530


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      Please feel free to address your press inquiries to our contact person for press and public relations Ms Corinna Robertz.

      Answers to frequently asked questions as well as information about our formats can be found below in the sections “Questions and Answers” and “Our Formats”.


      Selection of publications

      Africa Positive Magazine, Issue 80 (January 2021) – Contribution to the GP Conference “Climate Change and Migration” 2020 on page 21


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      Press Contact:

      Corinna Robertz, Public Relations, +49 30 555 7805 35,

      Press Contact:

      Corinna Robertz, Public Relations, +49 30 555 7805 35,

      Questions and Answers

      What does the Global Perspectives Initiative do?

      The Global Perspectives Initiative supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, which aim to make the world a fairer and safer place by 2030. GPI brings together stakeholders from politics, business and society, discusses various approaches to sustainable global development, informs about opportunities and examines approaches for sustainable development. The projects include discussion panels, parliamentarian discussions, media talks, and politically relevant conference formats. In addition, the Global Perspectives Initiative publishes studies and policy papers. Most of the events are invitation only. All information is then published on our website.

      Why does the Global Perspectives Initiative support the UN's sustainability goals?

      With the UN’s sustainability goals, the world community has committed itself to a common future. This milestone emphasizes the importance of thinking globally and acting sustainably. However, companies are still lacking tools and countries are not progressing. For instance, if current developments continue, it will take more than 200 years to achieve equality between women and men. Every five seconds, someone in the world is currently dying as a result of poor health care. The lack of sustainability poses a threat to everyone’s future. The Global Perspective Initiative wants to change that: It informs about potentials, shows connections and seeks approaches to more sustainability, together with decision-makers.

      What are the topics of sustainability exactly?

      The United Nations have defined 17 Sustainability Goals: stopping hunger and promoting growth, ensuring health and building justice – worldwide. It’s about shared responsibility and opportunities. The Global Perspectives Initiative wants to show exactly these opportunities: Investing in education fights poverty. Promoting health strengthens society. Achieving equality supports the development of the markets. The UN names various issues. And the variety distinguishes them: it depends on the context.

      Further information about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals can be found here.

      Who is responsible for sustainable development: business or politics?

      Although surveys show that most people see governments as responsible, sustainable development concerns everyone. It should not be excluded to any particular department or area, but must be the benchmark for all actions. Education, health, equality: everyone can take action. It’s about working together globally, taking responsibility and taking advantage of opportunities. Germany, as an importer and exporter, benefits from a globalized world. It’s time to give back and invest in a secure future.

      How can others help?

      In order for Germany to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, we need to rethink: instead of just offering help, we need to demonstrate genuine commitment. All countries need to become strong partners and tackle the causes of crises instead of just helping out when crises arise. Inequality, poverty and hunger can only be stopped when economy and society develop. Wars and flight can only end when countries are just and profitable. Sustainable development provides opportunities for all people in the world – if used properly.

      Wie finanziert sich die Global Perspectives Initiative?

      Die Global Perspectives Initiative finanziert sich hauptsächlich durch Unterstützung der Bill & Melinda Gates Stiftung. Auch die Aurora Humanitarian Initiative und weitere Partner, darunter große deutsche Stiftungen, leisten einen wertvollen Beitrag. Zahlreiche andere Partner unterstützen uns zudem durch ihr Know-how, ihr großes Engagement und in-kind-Beiträgen.