Global Perspectives | Highlight | 29. August 2019

Business Opportunities in Africa: What do Germany’s leaders think?

Presentation of Elite Survey Results & Panel Discussion

After the launch of the German government’s Development Investment Fund for the promotion of investments by small and medium-sized European companies in Africa, we are looking forward to discuss the current state of German business engagement on the continent during a GP Highlight on August 29th 2019.

Together with the Managing Director of the Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach (IfD), Prof Dr Renate Köcher, we will present the results of this year’s elite survey on the topic of investments in Africa.

We see the economy as the central player in strengthening the African continent and believe that sustainable development can be achieved through local investments and job creation. However, the willingness of businesses to become more involved in Africa depends crucially on how companies assess accompanying risks and prospects. The study and in-depth interviews examined such opportunities and the prerequisites under which German companies would be willing to make major investments in Africa.

  • How do political and business leaders assess development opportunities on the African continent?
  • How do business leaders weigh chances against risks when investing in African countries?
  • What does the business community expect from politics and how do they rate government support?
  • What significance does the African market have for German companies and how will its importance change in the future?

Following the official presentation, Prof Dr Renate Köcher will be joined by State Secretary Martin Jäger and Dr Stefan Mair for a panel discussion to go deeper into the results.


  • Martin Jäger, State Secretary at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development
  • Prof. Renate Köcher, CEO Institut für Demoskopie Allensbach
  • Dr Stefan Mair, Member of the Executive Board of the Federation of German Industries


  • Lena Greiner, Journalist and Department Head Spiegel
  • Dr Ingrid Hamm, Co-Founder and CEO Global Perspectives Initiative

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