Global Perspectives | Salon | 8. April 2021

Climate Change and Migration in Africa: A Call for Action

On occasion of the GP Insight Paper Release

Climate change is gaining more and more attention as a driver of migration and displacement. Africa is particularly affected by its consequences, even though the continent barely contributes to global CO2 emissions. According to the World Bank, up to 86 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa could be forced to move internally due to the changing climate by 2050. In December 2020, high-level representatives from Africa and Europe came together to discuss this complex issue at our GP Conference “Climate Change and Migration: Point of No Return?! An African Perspective”.

The intercontinental exchange is summarized in our Insight “Climate Change and Migration in Africa: A Call for Action”, in which we outline the nexus between climate change and migration in more detail and share insights of what had been discussed and advised by our African and European speakers. 

Migration is already and may increasingly become a strategy to adapt to climate change, but recognition and perceptions of climate migration vary. How is climate migration perceived in Africa, and Europe, and what policies are in place? How can Germany support people having to move due to climate change with an adequate migration management?

Looking at the root cause of climate-induced mobility, the climate crisis, we discuss commitments to climate action: What efforts should Europe and Germany undertake to reduce the impacts of climate change? How can climate action and investments in renewable energy and technologies in Germany and Africa enable people to stay or create and enhance opportunities at their new location?

We held an exciting discussion with:
Short biographies of our speakers can be found here.


  • Maureen Achieng, Chief of Mission International Organisation for Migration Ethiopia
  • Omid Nouripour, MP, Foreign Policy Spokesman of the Alliance 90/The Greens Parliamentary Group, German Parliament
  • H.E. Prof. Judi Wakhungu, Ambassador of Kenya to the French Republic, Portugal, Serbia & Holy See, former Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Natural Resources, Kenya


  • Christine Mhundwa, Anchor & Correspondent, Deutsche Welle (DW)

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