Global Perspectives | Salon | 25. October 2018

Dance of the Lions and Dragons

Investigating China's role in Africa and approaching new impulses for Germany's cooperation with African Countries

In just a decade, China has become Africa’s largest economic partner. No other country engages in such depth and scope in the areas of trade, investment, financing of infrastructure and aid. Chinese companies of all sizes, from small shops to Billion-Euro railway projects to improve infrastructure, bring capital investment, management knowledge, and entrepreneurial energy.
At the China-Africa summit in early September in Beijing, China announced the further investment of $60 billion over the next three years, the money is welcome for Africa’s economic growth, but on the other hand, could lead to an increase in debt and a corresponding trade deficit.

McKinsey’s Irene Yuan Sun and her colleagues provide a detailed, fact-based account of the economic relationship between China and Africa with their study “Dance of the Lions and Dragons – How are Africa and China engaging, and how will the partnership evolve”. In doing so, they help public and private sector leaders make informed decisions to strengthen cooperation with Africa, attract investment and use these investments for economic success and sustainable economic development.


  • Prof. Andreas Fuchs, Professor of Environmental, Climate and Development Economics Kiel Institute for World Economy
  • Andreas Sieren, Author and Expert on Africa
  • Irene Yuan Sun, Associate Partner McKinsey & Company


  • Dr Ingrid Hamm, Co-Founder and CEO Global Perspectives Initiative

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