Global Perspectives | Press Briefing | 22. April 2020

Exclusive online press briefing with Dr Seth Berkley

in cooperation with ONE Germany and Save the Children

The Corona crisis has been making the headlines for weeks. Once again it is becoming clear how important strong health care systems are. While people in Germany can rely on a robust healthcare system, there is great concern that the virus will spread over large areas of Africa. Organisations such as the Gavi Vaccine Alliance are helping developing countries in particular to strengthen their health systems so that they are better equipped to deal with avoidable diseases. Researchers around the world are currently working flat out to develop a vaccine against the novel coronavirus. Gavi will also be instrumental in making this vaccine available to everyone around the world, especially in the countries most affected by poverty.

Together with the development organizations ONE and Save the Children, the Global Perspectives Initiative invites you to an exclusive online press briefing with Dr Seth Berkley, CEO of the Gavi Vaccine Alliance.

Since its inception 20 years ago, Gavi has vaccinated over 760 million children, saving more than 13 million lives. This year the next Gavi funding conference will take place. There the vaccination alliance wants to mobilize at least 7.4 billion US dollars to continue its successful work in the next five years. At this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced early on that she would pledge 600 million euros to Gavi. German NGOs and Gavi itself, however, are asking for an increase of the German contribution by another 100 million until the replenishment conference.

We will discuss this and more online with selected journalists and media representatives.


  • Dr Seth Berkley, CEO Gavi


  • Maike Bildhauer, Freelance Journalist

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