Global Perspectives | Salon | 19. May 2021

Together against Corona – How can an equitable vaccine supply still succeed?

To get the Covid-19 pandemic under control, the entire world population must be protected as soon as possible. However, there is a global imbalance in vaccine distribution. Countries in the Global South feel left behind in the fight against the pandemic – a lack of solidarity they have been criticizing for months.

In the second part of our “Together against Corona”-series we discussed the conflict between national and international interests, the challenges for the international community and current options for short and long-term solutions.

Here, we focused on the international platform COVAX. The initiative is pursuing the goal of providing vaccines to 20 percent of the population of its member states by the end of the year. It recently reported that it had now delivered vaccines to more than 100 countries. But still only 0.3 percent of people in the poorest countries have been vaccinated. Is the initiative on track with its goals? How is the distribution organized on the ground? How are people in structurally weak and vulnerable areas supplied?

The initiative faces major challenges. How can sufficient vaccines be provided? What additional opportunities would the suspension of patents through the TRIPS waiver offer?

Germany has contributed significantly to COVAX, but the Global North bears a great responsibility. After all, the pandemic shows everyone that international cooperation at eye level in the health sector will be essential in the future. What lessons can be learned from the pandemic to significantly improve international collaboration in Global Health?

This and more has been discussed with:


  • Dr. Catharina Boehme, Head of Cabinet, World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Dr. Gesa Miehe-Nordmeyer, Head of the Department of Social, Health, Labor Market, Environmental and Social Policy, Federal Chancellery
  • Benjamin Schreiber, Coordinator Global Immunization Program and COVAX/ACT, UNICEF.


  • Dr Ingrid Hamm, Co-Founder and CEO Global Perspectives Initiative

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