Global Perspectives | Circle | 13. December 2021

Impact Investing in Africa

Accelerating Change through Impact Investing in Africa – Trends and Opportunities

In the eyes of many German investors, investments in Africa are often associated with high risks. At the same time, the continent, with its young urban population and its many resources, offers numerous potentials and opportunities. Africa is one of the markets of the future.

Impact Investing aims not only to achieve financial success but also to harbor measurable, positive impacts on the environment or society and thus to promote social change. Here, Impact Investing is guided by the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs). Many sectors can be strengthened through Impact Investing: From social services (education, health, etc.) to agriculture, infrastructure as well as climate change adaptation and green energy.

In Africa, 600 million people are still living without access to electricity. Targeted, impactful investments can create positive sustainable change on the continent while meeting the needs of consumers. A win-sin situation!

The objectives of the Circle were:

  • Discuss the trends and opportunities to increase awareness of impact investing in Africa,
  • Strengthen collaboration between different sectors (politics, private sector and philanthropy) and discuss promising joint actions; and
  • Discuss the necessary (political) conditions and frameworks to promote impact investing in Africa.

The event was organized in cooperation with our shareholder PHINEO AG and took place in an exclusive circle with high-level decision-makers from politics and economics. After inspiring impulses from our speaker and moderators, representatives of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Development, the German Federal Ministry of Finance, the KfW, the BMW Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as well as various investors discussed the opportunities and challenges of impact investing.




  • , Founder & CEO, AfriProspect GmbH & ShEquity Ltd
  • Dr Andreas Rickert, Founder and CEO PHINEO, Advisory Board GPI


  • Dr Ingrid Hamm, Co-Founder and CEO Global Perspectives Initiative

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online | via Zoom
online | via Zoom



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Rhoda Berger, Project Management

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