Global Perspectives | Roundtable | 26. April 2017

New Responsibilities

Germany within a Global World

The global community faces big challenges: climate change, migration and refugees, peacekeeping and poverty alleviation. The burgeoning of a new economic nationalism and growing protectionism set the global community under pressure and jeopardize global solutions. Germany has to accept its responsibility within Europe and the World and adjust its role accordingly. This includes the responsibility to recognize expectations on Germany by international partners. The GP Roundtable focusses on how Germany can achieve such and thence contribute towards a successful completion of Agenda 2030.


  • Wolfgang Schmitt, Former Director GIZ German Society for International Cooperation
  • Dr Michael Werz, Senior Fellow Center for American Progress, Mercator Senior Fellow (2020-2021)


  • Natasha Walker, Moderator

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Event Location:
ProjektZentrum Berlin Stiftung Mercator
ProjektZentrum Berlin Stiftung Mercator
Neue Promenade 6, 10178 Berlin


Stiftung Mercator 


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Judith Ramadan, Project Management

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