Global Perspectives | Salon | 13. March 2018

Seven Billion Healthy People?

How Science can Help, What Politics, Economy and Civic Society Should Do and Where Medicine Reaches its Limits

Health is the premise for education – and education for economic and social prosperity. The United Nations prioritizes health as a key development goal, and pursues the achievement of Global Health with great endeavor. Since 1990, the UN achieved to halve global child mortality rates. Yet, this still leaves a long path ahead towards the accomplishment of SDG3: “Ensure healthy lives and promote wellbeing for all at all ages”. Yet 400 million people still do not have access to adequate medical care. Prof. Detlev Ganten will join us to discuss necessary steps towards Global Health.


  • Prof. Detlev Ganten, President World Health Summit


  • Dr Ingrid Hamm, Co-Founder and CEO Global Perspectives Initiative

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aptm Berlin
aptm Berlin
Lindower Str. 18, 13347 Berlin


World Health Summit 


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