Global Perspectives | Politics Briefing | 15. December 2021

The challenge of Africa – What must Germany do?

A parliamentarian breakfast with Dr Kumi Naidoo and Christoph Matschie

Climate change, the rise of authoritarian regimes and building back better after COVID-19 – the new German government faces major and diverse foreign policy challenges. It is obvious that these challenges cannot be solved without global exchange and cooperation in multilateral systems. A respectful partnership with our neighboring continent Africa is therefore crucial. Together with Dr Kumi Naidoo, Christoph Matschie and Dr Ingrid Hamm, we discussed the opportunities and challenges of a future German Africa policy.

Dr Kumi Naidoo is a climate justice expert from South Africa. As a former director of Greenpeace International and Amnesty International, he has extensive expertise in multilateral cooperation between governments and civil society. As Head of the Africa Discussion Group and Deputy Spokesman for Foreign Affairs for the SPD parliamentary group, Christoph Matschie has been continuously involved in German and international Africa policy in recent years.

Now Christoph Matschie has passed on the baton and wants the new federal government to step up its commitment to the African continent: The Bundestag must further intensify German-African relations, he explained at our parliamentary breakfast. Also Dr Ingrid Hamm urged that Germany should learn lessons from the crises of the last years. A deeper partnership with our neighboring continent is absolutely necessary to solve the challenges of the future, she added.

Our sincere gratitude goes to Dr Herbert Wollmann MP, who hosted this parliamentary breakfast and made it possible.


  • Christoph Matschie, Member of Parliament, Deputy Foreign Policy Spokesman and Head of the Africa working group of the SPD Parliamentary Group
  • Kumi Naidoo, Social, Economic and Environmental Justice Activist, former Executive Director of Greenpeace International and former Amnesty International Secretary General, South Africa


  • Dr Ingrid Hamm, Co-Founder and CEO Global Perspectives Initiative

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