Global Perspectives | Side Event | 15. February 2018

Visions for Challenged Democracies

Towards a Fairer, More Peaceful World

Accompanying the Munich Security Conference 2018

The promotion of peace, development and human rights in member states were and are central to the work of the United Nations. For the United Nations to fulfill this very role, member states must accept the importance of this supranational institution. Yet, in times of growing populism, member states undermine the UN, while its presence has never been more relevant. S.E. Kofi Annan, one of the most influential diplomats of present times and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, will join us to discuss today’s state of democracy.


  • Kofi Annan, Founder and Chairman Kofi Annan Foundation
  • Dr Ingrid Hamm, Co-Founder and CEO Global Perspectives Initiative
  • Prof. Wolfgang A. Herrmann, President Technical University of Munich


  • Julius Bock, Student Technical University of Munich
  • Nicki Weber, Student Technical University of Munich

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Event Location:
Technical University of Munich
Technical University of Munich
Arcisstraße 21, 80333 Munich


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Judith Ramadan, Project Management

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