In the first season of our podcast The Africa Roundtable – The Podcast, we spoke with leading German experts on the topic of Africa. In the second season, African decision-makers will have their say. The focus lies on African perspectives and expectations of development cooperation with Germany and Europe.

After the first season of our podcast was only published in German, we are happy to announce that the second season of our podcast will be produced in German and English.

The Africa Roundtable – The Podcast | Season 2

Episode 1: Wanjira Mathai & Dr Kumi Naidoo

The first episode of the second season of our podcast The Africa Roundtable – The Podcast features Wanjira Mathai (Vice President and Regional Director for Africa at the World Resources Institute) and Dr Kumi Naidoo (Climate Activist and Fellow of the Robert Bosch Academy) in talk with Danilo Höpfner about divestments from fossil fuels and the role of women in the fight against climate change.


Episode 2: Dr Mo Ibrahim & Dr Olumide Abimbola

We talk to Dr Mo Ibrahim about the coup in Sudan, corrupt militaries, Chinese investments in Africa and a world that threatens to drown in authoritarianism before global warming can dry it up. Dr Olumide Abimbola of the Africa Policy Research Institute (APRI) gives us a surprising prognosis on the future of German-African relations.


Episode 3: Dr Noubar Afeyan & Elhadj As Sy

We talk with Dr Noubar Afeyan and Elhadj As Sy about the technical masterpiece of the COVID-19 vaccines, Moderna’s commitment to make patents available to the public, pharmaceutical production in Africa, Flagship Pioneering’s vision of a new, preventive understanding of health care, challenges of health care in African countries and demands to the new German government.

Episode 4: Aminata Touré & Ottilia Maunganidze

We talk with Aminata Touré and Ottilia Maunganidze about the causes of migration, the role of African-European partnerships, the possible transformation of migration policy, and the responsibility of the Global North.


Episode 5: Nanjala Nyabola & Prof. Carola Lentz

With Nanjala Nyabola and Prof. Carola Lentz we talk about (post-)colonial structures and discuss European and African perspectives on the historical responsibility of Germany and Europe.


Episode 6: Prof. Abdulrazak Gurnah

In the interview with Christine Mhundwa, Abdulrazak Gurnah talks about identity, flight as well as new beginnings, reparations and painful differences between Europeans in dealing with refugees from Ukraine and people from the Arab world.


Episode 7: Dr. Carlos Lopes & Dr. Stefan Mair

We talk to Dr. Carlos Lopes and Dr. Stefan Mair about the impact of the current Ukraine conflict on Africa. The strong dependence on grain from Ukraine and Russia as well as currently exorbitantly high fuel prices could lead to widespread uprisings and famine in some states.