Global Perspectives Inititative

The Global Perspectives Initiative believes that a higher sense of responsibility leads to more opportunities, and more opportunities lead to a better future for everyone.

That is why we are promoting and supporting the discourse on a sustainable and balanced global development and strongly encourage Germany to increase its international responsibility in global development cooperation.We bring together stakeholders from politics, business, media and civil society and inform, discuss and work together to develop new approaches.

By doing so, we support Germany in fulfilling the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations in 2015. The Global Perspectives Initiative sees itself as a national platform in a global discourse for a fairer world in the future. You can find out more about our initiative following this link.

IVAN LAM LONG-YIN calls on all of us to support our local pro-democracy activists.

He was jailed for one year for protesting in #HongKong.


#qberlin IVAN of @demosisto "we need the international community to continue to monitor our situation in Hong Kong so that we at the front line don't feel alone"
#umbrellarevolution #Democracy


"Wir brauchen Migration, wir brauchen Fachkräfte, wir müssen falsche Paradigmen schnellstmöglich überwinden - dies bietet Chancen für alle!" @ElmarBrok_MEP #migrationEU

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The United Nations have defined 17 goals for a sustainable development: to end hunger, to guarantee education and to promote economic growth, jobs, climate change and justice – worldwide. It is about shared responsibility and opportunities: Economic growth requires education. Increased social equality can lead to reduced levels of poverty by enabling economic growth. And when poverty ends, markets are created. When we learn to understand and consider the connections and correlations, we can secure the future of the world and profit in a sustainable way.