Global Perspectives | Salon | 5. April 2022

Africa, a Business Case

Opportunities for Start-ups and International Investors

The start-up sector in Europe is booming. Sixty percent of investors take ESG criteria into account when investing. This emphasizes the strong trend toward impact investing and that profit does not exclude impact. This trend is mirrored in Africa’s neighboring continent, as shown through the current article series on “Entrepreneurship Africa” of brandeins. Venture development in Africa has peaked, and the chances and needs for further investments are enormous. This reveals many opportunities, also for international investors. As the impact of creating new business in African markets is substantial, creating new enterprises in Africa can also fulfill investors’ thirst for effects.

However, many German investors still show reluctance and skepticism regarding investments in the Global South and Africa.

At our GP Salon, organized in cooperation with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and brandeins, we highlight best case examples of young African companies such as Lori Systems to set the scene for the dialogue on opportunities and challenges of impactful investments in Africa: Why Europeans should invest now? How should and could investors be supported in this endeavor? What are the challenges investors are facing? What can be done to facilitate investments in Africa? Where are most business opportunities? What are African ventures’ needs?

We aim to support what Dr. Oby Ezekwesili once said: “Europe should stop thinking about Africa as a charity case. It is a business case!”



  • Benedikt Hoffmann, Founder & CEO AfriKairos
  • Christian Hiller von Gaertringen, Founder & CEO Africa Partners GmbH
  • Dario Giuliani, Founder & CEO Briter Bridges
  • Jean-Claude Homawoo, Co-Founder Lori Systems


  • Sophia Bogner, Journalist

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