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The Africa Roundtable N°2

Recovery, Preparedness, and Resilience in Times of Crises

The Africa Roundtable N°2

May 12, 2022

German Bundestag, Berlin

With Dr. Karamba Diaby

The Covid-19 pandemic has increased international attention to Global Health, with health system strengthening on the African continent remaining critical. During the second edition of The Africa Roundtable the discussion with 35 selected participants from the political, business and civil society spheres focussed on the topic of “Recovery, Preparedness, and Resilience in Times of Crises”.

For Africa’s post-Covid economic recovery, private investment is needed. This requires backing from the public sector or development banks. Furthermore, special drawing rights for African countries were highlighted several times as an important aspect. Another key point of the discussion was the reform of multilateral organizations and a possible seat for the African Union within the G20, like the one held by the European Union.

Themen im Fokus

  • The Aftermath of Crises

    Africa was “the least infected but most affected” by Covid-19 and the continent is still dealing with the effects of the pandemic and the measures that were taken to control it. The war in Ukraine and its impact on global food security present an additional challenge.

  • Paradigm Shift

    The six investments on the African continent with the highest priorities are education, health, electrification, sustainable land use, sustainable urban infrastructure, and universal digital access. Therefore, long-term finance options are needed. Am secure representation for Africa within the G20, not as a guest, but as the 21st member is essential.

  • Africa’s Economic Recovery

    Africa is experiencing its first recession in decades due to limited fiscal responses to the Covid-19 pandemic. African states were only able to commit 1.8 percent of their collective GDP due to various factors, such as high cost of borrowing and limited lending capacity from international finance institutions.

The Participants of The Africa Roundtable in Berlin 2022

Recovery, Preparedness, and Resilience in Times of Crises

In conversation with ...

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The Africa Roundtable

The forum for decision-makers on African-European cooperation, which deals with current pressing issues and challenges of the neighbouring continents and develops partnership-based solutions.

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