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New Management

Gregor Darmer and Rhoda Berger assume their roles in the management. Dr. Ingrid Hamm transitions to the Supervisory Board.

New Management

November 1, 2023


Rhoda Berger and Gregor Darmer will assume their roles in the management of the Global Perspectives Initiative (GPI) on December 1, succeeding Dr. Ingrid Hamm. On the same date, Dr. Ingrid Hamm will transition to the Supervisory Board.

Dr. Ingrid Hamm co-founded GPI in 2016 with Stephan Balzer, after serving on the Board of Management of the Robert Bosch Stiftung for twelve years. During this time, she also took on the role of managing partner. 

Gregor Darmer and Rhoda Berger.

Gregor Darmer and Rhoda Berger

They take over the management of Global Perspectives Initiative on December 1, 2023.

She reflects on the growth of GPI and its impact, saying, “We have successfully established an extensive network in politics, business, and science in Germany and on the African continent. Over the past seven years, numerous productive relationships have emerged. In the current geopolitical climate, Europe’s need for Africa is greater than ever. Therefore, it is of great importance to me to pass on the initiative to younger leaders. Rhoda Berger and Gregor Darmer have diverse experiences and will bring innovation and increased impact to GPI. I look forward to supporting the management in my advisory role on the Supervisory Board.”

Rhoda Berger, who has been leading the Business for Future program at GPI since 2021, is responsible for the overall development of the organization as Program Lead. She has a background in strategy consulting, initially in the public sector and subsequently focusing on market entry strategies on the African continent. Berger emphasizes the need for shaping new pathways for European-African cooperation, saying, “It is mutually beneficial to harness the potential and innovative power of the African continent. This requires focused dialogue and matchmaking, and the Global Perspectives Initiative provides the ideal platform for this. My work at GPI aligns with my personal and professional experiences, as my German-Ethiopian background connects me strongly to both continents. My consulting work has shown me how change can succeed. I look forward to further developing the vital dialogue between the continents with Gregor Darmer and our team. I would like to thank Dr. Ingrid Hamm and the other partners of GPI for their trust.”

Gregor Darmer, who has held positions at the United Nations, the German Federal Foreign Office, and the German Council on Foreign Relations, joined Stiftung Mercator in 2015. Since 2020, he has been leading the Mercator Center Berlin. He emphasizes the importance of honest and continuous dialogue, particularly in times of multiple crises and shifting international order. He states: “In order to find new and sustainable ways of cooperation, an honest and continuous dialogue is needed. GPI, as a politically independent and neutral platform, is able to make an important contribution in this regard. I am looking forward to developing GPI together with Rhoda Berger and the whole team into a place where the future issues of our time are discussed in an intersectoral and fact-based manner, following the approach of engaging with, not just talking about, actors from the Global South. I would like to expresses my appreciation to the GPI partners for the opportunity and their trust.”

Andreas Rickert has been the majority shareholder of the Global Perspectives Initiative on behalf of PHINEO since May 2021. “Dr. Ingrid Hamm has excelled in shaping and building GPI as founder and CEO since 2016. It is thanks to her visionary commitment that GPI has become an influential player in the European-African dialogue. The Africa Roundtable succeeds in bringing together important representatives from politics, business, media and civil society from both continents. PHINEO as a shareholder and I personally would like to thank Dr. Ingrid Hamm for the inspiring cooperation. With Rhoda Berger and Gregor Darmer, two dedicated individuals who bring many years of experience and expertise in the areas of international cooperation, dialogue and sustainability are now taking over the management of the organization. They will continue Dr. Ingrid Hamm’s dedication to fostering a robust European-African partnership and injecting fresh energy into multilateral discourse.

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