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The Africa Roundtable N°4

Roadmap to Africa: A Turning Point in Economic Relations

The Africa Roundtable N°4

April 28, 2023

The last The Africa Roundtable was presented by GPI in cooperation with the Mo Ibrahim Foundation in Nairobi, the economic and technological hub of East Africa. As the side event to the annual Ibrahim Governance Weekend (IGW), this Roundtable addressed the perspectives deriving from the geopolitical shifts we encounter around the world. The need to decouple and diversify sheds a different light on Africa and marks a turning point in Europe-Africa economic relations. Under the credo “Roadmap to Africa”, we aimed to identify the opportunities to deepen trade and investment relations as well as leveraging private and institutional funding. Crises offer a license to act and to speed up developments leading to concrete plans for implementation.

Roadmap to Africa
A Turning Point in Economic Relations

Networking at The Africa Roundtable N°4

Experts Wolfgang Niedermark, Stefan Mair, and Njeri Maina Afanda in conversation

The Africa Roundtable is an exclusive circle which enables high-level participants from different sectors to engage in frank and open conversation. We encourage an intensive exchange and aim for mutual understanding, leading to reliable action recommendations. Networking opportunities during the IGW, to which all Roundtable participants are accredited, and the production of White Papers complement the Roundtable.

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Stephanie Igunbor,

The Africa Roundtable

The forum for decision-makers on African-European cooperation, which deals with current pressing issues and challenges of the neighbouring continents and develops partnership-based solutions.

Program Archive

Skills and Mobility
Why Africa’s Youth Is Key in Creating a Win-Win Situation for Europe and the African Continent

Fostering mobility is considered one of the most important solutions to the skills gap on the African continent. We discuss this at the follow-up to the fifth edition of The Africa Roundtable.

The Africa Roundtable N°5
Action Recommendations

Strategies for education, skill building and the labor market of tomorrow. The action recommendations of the fifth conference.

Unlocking Opportunities Through Education
Episode 11

In this episode we are joined by Taha Bawa, Co-founder and CEO of Goodwall, a social enterprise which connects youth to opportunities for skilling, working and social impact.

How Technical and Vocational Education Can Help Close Skills Gaps in Africa
Research Paper

The research paper on education and training in Africa was issued on the occasion of The Africa Roundtable “The Path to Success: Education, Skills, and Leadership” 2023 in Berlin.

Restart of Business with Africa
Next Generation in Economic Relations

What will sustainable economic cooperation between Europe and Africa look like in the future? We discussed this with stakeholders from the private sector and tomorrow's leaders.

The Africa Roundtable N°5
The Path to Success: Education, Skills and Leadership

The fifth edition of The Africa Roundtable focussed on employability, skills and training and examine the possibilities of equal education and training for Africa's youth.

NewSpace in Africa
Take-Off Flight to Innovation, Exploration, Transformation

With a new space agency and an upcoming space port on the continent, the African space industry is capturing global attention. What does this mean for European-African cooperation?

If Women Ruled the Health World
Female Leaders for the Development of Sustainable, Resilient Health Systems

Together with partner The ONE Campaign, we will discuss factors that prevent women from taking leadership positions in the health sector at the World Health Summit 2023.

Leveraging the Economic Potential of the African Continent
Berlin Global Dialogue

Our roundtable during Berlin Global Dialogue discusses opportunities and drivers of economic growth on the African continent, while adressing the main roadblocks.

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