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Aurora Prize 2018

Nominations and Laureate

In its third year, the Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity has received 750 nominations for 509 candidates from 115 countries. In April 2018, the selection committee announced three finalists for the $1,1 million prize. The committee honored their extraordinary courage, the deep impact of their work and their endless commitment to preserving human life and advancing humanitarian causes in the most difficult situations.


The Finalists

Tomás González Castillo
The Franciscan friar Tomás González Castillo founded La 72 Home and Refuge in 2011. The refuge offers a safe shelter, food, counseling and legal assistance to migrants and refugees who are threatened by violence and persecution.

Sunitha Krishnan
Sunitha is the co-founder of Prajwala in India. This organization saves and rehabilitates women and children who became victims of human trafficking and forced prostitution, and were sexually abused and exploited. With Prajwala Sunitha was able to offer a better future to over 17,800 women and children.

Kyaw Hla Aung
Kyaw Hla Aung has been working tirelessly for decades, using his legal expertise to appeal for basic human rights for the stateless Rohingya people. He did so at a huge personal cost, having sacrificed a total of 12 years in prison as a result of his mission.


The Aurora Prize 2018 Finalists

The Aurora Prize 2018 Finalists


Kyaw Hla Aung is the Aurora Prize 2018 laureate
The Aurora Humanitarian Initiative honored the lawyer and activist for his personal sacrifice in fighting against injustice and in advocating for the Rohingya people in Myanmar. By being awarded the Aurora Prize, Kyaw Hla Aung was honored with $100,000 and was able to pursue the circle of giving by donating a further $1,000,000 to organizations of his choice. He named three international organizations who provide medical help and support to refugees in Myanmar: Médecins Sans Frontières (London), Malaysian Medical Relief – MERCY Malaysia (Malaysia) and The International Catholic Migration Commission – ICMC (Switzerland, US).


Aurora Laureate 2018 Kyaw Hla Aung

Aurora Laureate 2018 Kyaw Hla Aung

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