Global Perspectives | Bericht | 19. December 2019

International Migrants Day 2019

African perspectives on migration

What are the main struggles migrants from Africa have to face? What should governments take into account when designing migration policies? And how can a transformation of the economies on the African continent contribute to a green and decent growth and therefore create new opportunities for the local population?

Migration with its complexity brings various challenges to tackle not only for politicians, the environment and civil society, but also national economies. However, migration also opens up opportunties. The International Migrants Day reminds and informs about those as well as transsectoral correlations of migration.

As part of our „Jobs or Migration?“ Conference on 4 November, we interviewed our high-ranking African speakers asking them about their perspectives on migration movements on the African continent and which factors need to be considered to approach the global challenges of migration successfully.

Maureen Achieng, Chief of Mission International Organisation for Migration Ethiopia

Dr Oby Ezekwesili, Richard von Weizsäcker Fellow Robert Bosch Academy

Prof. Carlos Lopes, High Representative at the African Union for Partnerships with the EU

Emery Rubagenga, CEO ROKA Global Resources

In the download section you can find our migration fact sheet. It presents recent facts about African migration in regard to local labor markets and population developments. It moreover sheds light on the lacks of governance in African countries and emphasises the need to develop and implement holistic migration regimes in Africa and Europe.

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