Global Perspectives | Bericht | 8. April 2020

David Miliband: “This crisis is a learning moment.”

GP Video Statement on the global challenge posed by COVID-19

GP Video Statement of David Miliband

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing unforeseen difficulties for Western countries with strong healthcare systems. High population density, a lack of infrastructure and assaults on health care facilities by conflict actors increase the danger posed by COVID-19 in less developed countries, so David Miliband (President and CEO of the International Recue Committeee) in a GP video statement.

Besides ensuring their staff safety and continuity of their Health, Education, Cash, Child Protection, Woman Empowerment or Business Starter Programs, IRC is also focusing on frontline response:

“We must make sure that in addition to the preventative work, we respond with the care and attention that is necessary.”

Countries like South Sudan, the Central African Republic or Sierra Leone, some of which only have one ventilator for the whole population, are facing a major threat. “Once this disease gets rife, it gets deadly and dangerous”, emphasizes David Miliband.

“We need to ensure that focusing on the local aspects of COVID-19 in rich countries doesn’t lead us to miss the opportunity to deliver on the preventative work that is so important.”

David Miliband highlights that women and girls are facing extra risks in crises. He calls for continuous improvements of the life chances of the most vulnerable, which is not confined to health.  A wide range of programs to get them on the road to self-reliance is highly needed.

“Germany needs to use its international position in the EU and on the UN Security Council to ensure this crisis is a learning moment about diplomacy, cease fires, universal health coverage, and the need for the connected world to address solutions in a connected way.”

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